Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Premium Plans

Cancellation and Refund Information

We understand that the case may not always align with your expectations. If you choose to cancel your premium plan at any point, you have the option to prevent its automatic renewal. However, please keep in mind that your access to your subscription will continue until its expiration date.

Refund Policy Details

If you find it necessary to request a refund, please do so within 3 days of your purchase. Refunds are granted under the following case:

1. Involuntary Renewal: If you are charged for a subscription despite previously cancelling auto-renewal.

2. Persistent Technical Issues: If you encounter ongoing technical problems such as freezing, lagging, or service disruptions, and we are unable to effectively address the issue after three or more attempts. We require evidence and additional details about the issue at the time of reporting. Refund requests without supporting evidence will not be considered.

3. Access Issues: If you are unable to access your subscription post-payment due to login problems or interruptions during viewing. While we will assist you in resolving login issues, refunds are not applicable in this scenario.

When a refund is granted, your access to the service will be discontinued.

Refunds typically undergo processing within 5-7 business days. Unfortunately, expediting this process is beyond our control. Our payment processors handle refund requests, and qualified users will be repaid once we receive and validate the request.

Please note that we are not responsible for any bank charges, commissions, or overdraft fees resulting from the refund. To address such issues, kindly communicate directly with your bank.

If you believe that your cases warrant special consideration, please reach out to our support team via email at Provide evidence and additional information regarding the issue, and we will assess your request on an individual basis.